Would you like to walk here?

  • In the middle of the street?

  • Across a multi-lane road?

  • Without traffic lights?

  • Between the cars?

And now assume you are blind or mobility impaired…

Walk the SafeRoute!

Safe crosswalks

SafeRoute uses traffic lights for pedestrians or zebra-crossings instead of accident-prone free street crossing.

Sidewalks along the roads

SafeRoute considers road side aware sidewalks instead of a routing in the middle of the the street.

Suitable routes for humans

SafeRoute guides on specific paths for pedestrians, under- and overpasses and through pedestrian zones instead of among the cars on the road.

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What is special about pedestrian routing?

Pedestrian navigation has much stronger requirements on suitability, precision and accuracy than current navigation solutions can provide.

This is even more true for vulnerable person groups with visually impairment, physical handicap or which are less traffic-safe in general.

And that means in practice:

Move bar <->SafeRoute

Use pedestrian specific footpaths

Cross streets using pedestrian safe crossings

Utilize road side aware sidewalks

Walk truly from door to door and not from and to the nearest road curb

The SafeRoute Solution

  • SafeRoute finds secure pedestrian routes in city-centers and in the country-side

  • SafeRoute is the only available solution with worldwide coverage

  • SafeRoute introduces an innovative road-side aware routing technology

  • SafeRoute completes the required geo data with algorithmic extension if the coverage is not sufficient

  • SafeRoute provides accurate guidance by sub-meter GNSS

  • SafeRoute delivers speech and vibration instructions on smartphones and smartwatches

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Highest award for SafeRoute

SafeRoute wins the ESNC Baden-Wuerttemberg 2018

iXpoint was awarded the first prize in the national European Space navigation Competition Baden-Württemberg with its solution SafeRoute. The awards were presented on the eve of the annual conference of the GeoNet.MRN in the planetarium in Mannheim. The first prize entitles SafeRoute to participate in the European challenge early December in Marseille.

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Galileo Masters (ESNC) 2018

SafeRoute in the finals of the European Satellite Navigation Competition (Galileo Masters) 2018

SafeRoute represents Baden-Württemberg in the final challenge of the European Satellite Navigation Competition (Galileo Masters) 2018 on December 3rd – 6th in Marseille.

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ichhp 2018

Digital Navigation for People with Visual Impairments – Robust and Incremental Pedestrian Path Network Generation for Safe Route Finding

SafeRoute participates July 11th – 13th at icchp 2018 (International Conference on Computers Helping People with Special Needs) in Linz, Austria.

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Research and Innovation

SafeRoute technology research was partially funded by the German government within the research focus “Smart Mobility”.

Use Cases

Use case specific profiles enable different types of pedestrian routing for various purposes:

  • Standard pedestrian routing

  • Routing for visually impaired or blind users

  • Routing for wheelchair users

  • Safety ensured routing for vulnerable traffic participants e.g. children on their way to school

Usage can be extended far beyond pedestrian needs like precise routing for autonomous vehicles used e.g. for logistics

Integration of additional data sources can enable further fields of application, like e.g. crime area aware routing